Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Test Test...Is this thing on?

So I just want to play a bit and see how this thing works when I actually post. So I will start with a little intro and this past year in review. Well, WE HAD A BABY!!! That is right. Cannan Daniel was born on March 17th and my oh my has he rocked our world!!! The love that we have discovered for this child is deeper than anything we ever imagined. Who knew that parenthood was this awesome and why didn't anybody tell us???
Our baby boy is 5 months old now and let me tell you....the. time. has. flown. I feel like Matt was wheeling us out of the hospital yesterday. I will never forget the day we brought Cannan home. Matt settled us into the car taking extra time to make sure the car seat was installed just right. He must have checked that thing 50 times before we moved an inch. As we rode home in silence, overwhelmed by the task ahead of us and wondering where to even start, I stared into the beautiful little face at this amazing life that has been entrusted to us and I thanked the Lord for His gift. From the backseat I looked up into the rear view mirror to see tears streaming down Matt's cheeks. Precious precious cargo. Priceless cargo. And our lives will never ever be the same and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Soooo here we go....

Finally. Yes, finally. I am starting a blog. I am slowly conquering that little (BIG!) to do list of things I have been trying to get to for so long. But. Now. I am Prioritizing. I will keep this short and sweet since most of you reading this know us so I will spare you the long introduction into our past, present and future. The journey that Matt and I have traveled since we tied the knot almost 6 years ago has taken us far and wide, geographically speaking. My desire is for this to be a place where you can find us where we are. Like neighbors you can peek into our home through the window. Or join us at our kitchen table for morning coffee or an afternoon snack. We'll show you pictures and share stories about what's going on in the lives of this little flock of three. Stay tuned...

and P.S. Bear with me as I navigate through the techical details this new and unfamiliar territory :-)