Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh how he loved her. A legacy of Gilbert J. Tolmie

He was a good man.

He left this world quietly last Friday on October 26th, 2012.

I haven't spoken much about it. In fact I thought it might be strange to say that I'm glad he's gone and maybe that's why. I don't mean that in an ill way, I loved him. I'm his granddaughter and his great-niece.

On January 21st, 2006, his heart was carried in the wind along the small waves of the Atlantic shoreline...her ashes scattered.

A broken shell waits for the tide.

My Grandma, Tressie Mae, was a hard-workin young mama -- cared for her family. Her husband - his brother - preferred bottle to bride and drank his cares. Waves crashed angry and two beautiful little boys washed ashore like sea glass softened. Broken bottles. Remnants of wartime.
Grandpa offered her a simple promise - I'll love you if you'll let me -- she said "okay". He picked them up and brought them home.

Rings & vows & kisses exchanged marked the humble beginning of a journey spanning 49 years - til death they did not part.

He was born in 1934. Five years later he witnessed family members and friends headed to a world at war to battle on foreign soil. Later on he'd enlist in the Air Force, willing himself to do the same if called upon. At a young age he learned a little bit about honor and sacrifice and doing what is right, even when it's hard.

Gilbert Joseph Tolmie (middle)

He loved his bride with a passion and a protection that I watched with little girl eyes. Over the years I observed them in bits and pieces. I read ocean-crossed letters between them and saw pictures and notions exchanged. Love declared in trinkets and treasures and words penned on paper signed. A few times, I saw them dance together, twirling -- holding and clinging close.

Grandma & Grandpa dancing at our wedding 9/4/04

It was never uncommon to be sitting with them at the dinner table and with a sly grin he'd say to her - "Tressie, why I oughta slap you across this table".
You have to laugh because it sounds terrifying. He'd never dare lay a hand on her in anger, it was his way of saying - "I love you - I've got you and - by the way - Julia Childs' got nothin on you babe." She understood his language. We understood it too.

He served 20 years in the Air Force, forging the patriotism that was ingrained young. Proud. Strong. He served our country.

In 1968 they added a ray of sunshine to our family. They named her Dawn.

The middle name of our "Ever dearest".

His legacy.

Grace found him in his final years. PEACE is the only word I have for that.

Grandpa, Thank you.

For your life. For your love. For your sacrifice.

There are so many contributions that you have made to this world. To our family. Your legacy will never be forgotten.

Your granddaughter,


This song was written by a friend of mine. It's the story of her own grandparents' love for each other but I've always felt it touched close to home...

Aslyn: Dear Wally

Alaska 1961
Gilbert Joseph Tolmie October 7, 1934 - October 26, 2012
Tressie Mae Tolmie April 24th, 1929 - January 21, 2006

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our little flock of...five??

Yes, you read it right, that says F-I-V-E five!! On September 4th, which also happened to be our 7th anniversary, I took a test, a very simple test. It was confirmed.. + 2!!

Of course the test did not tell us there were two, thanks to early ultrasounds we found that I have, not one, but two peas in the pod.

Not exactly the plan for the first semester of grad school in a brand new city but, hey, we're used to curve balls, Er, sort of. Okay, truth be told, maybe this is the biggest curve ball we've ever been thrown. I was happy and at the same time I felt all of the blood leave my face as the ultrasound tech tilted the screen my way telling me that she was seeing "not one but TWO".

Our bambinos are due in late April. I have a doctor's appointment this Friday morning with a specialist who will look at the babies more closely. They will be able to determine the level of risk as far as how much they will be sharing (amniotic sacs, placenta etc.) while in utero.

We are excited and scared but we are trusting in our God "who gives life to all things". 1 Timothy 6:13

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excuse me while I wipe the dust from this page.

My words are coming and I do have a good excuse for my Summer hibernation mode. I really do.
In the meantime here is what I have been missing lately...

Here is where our lives have been planted...

...and we are praying that they will soon take root and come out of this Season of change. It has been a long Season.

This face
has brought me so much JOY and LAUGHTER and EUCHARISTEO! These past few months...

You knew most of this of course but I just needed to write it. I promise there is more! Stay tuned for another update VERY VERY Soon!!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Impromptu road trip!

Backing up a week...just before Cannan's little birthday shindig we headed south for a few days to say hello to the fam and wish Cannan's best friend Cash a Happy Birthday. We visited Mawmaw, aunt Karen, uncle Brooks & cousin Ashley in Mobile (kicking myself for not taking pictures. Could've been the 15 hour car ride that fried my brain???) then headed down to New Orleans to spend some QT with the Mitchell family. We absolutely LOVE this family and I could write a book telling you the millions of reasons why. Since Jaime has already put pen to paper I'll hold off. when she's published I'll blog about it and you can find out for yourself why this girl is so lovable.
One of Jaime's [many] talents is photography which you can find here and so we managed to steal some time away to do an impromptu photoshoot during a picnic in the park. This was by far the funniest photo session EVER!!! I wish I had video. Memories were made.

There are no coincidences.

These boys are my reminder.

March was the best kind of Madness

It's been a fun ride these past few months. We've been making fun little family memories, staying caught up and swinging from our coat strings trying to keep our feet grounded in St. Louis as our home prepares to depart on a four year journey into the Southeastern most state. I was just a tad disappointed that I won't be adding another lived in state to my list of 11 but I'm chocking it up to life purpose, providence and complete clarity of direction as the main reason for that.

On another note... I haven't caught you up on any postings since Cannan turned are a few tidbits from Cannan's 1st Birthday! Can you believe our baby boy is becoming a little man so fast!?

Cannan's very own Berry Chantilly Cake (Mini Version) Thanks to Josh Jones' for the picture.

Almost ready to eat cake!

Cannan's Party People

Allie helping Cannan open presents

Crazy stumbling baby after the Cake Smashing and Gifts

Hair style by mom. Hair product made of 100% cake and cream cheese icing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letter to my son

Happy Birthday to my little Cannan ball!
9:30 PM 3.17.2010

8:02 PM 3.17.2010

8:38 PM 3.17.2010

Oh my little Cannan! Today is your 1st birthday and I have so many feelings about this that I don't quite know where to begin. I honestly never thought I would love being a mother so much. You have rocked our world and changed our lives in the most wonderful, amazing and beautiful way! I LOVE being your mommy and your daddy LOVES being your daddy. Looking back on this past year I would not change minute of our lives together. Your daddy is a full-time student and a professor's assitant at UMSL and I work from home most days. What I love about this is that we have been able to spend a lot of time together as a family during this 1st year of your life. We take none of this for granted because we know that this is an incredible blessing and rare opportunity that many families don't get to do. Many of our days are spent playing on the floor, reading books (when you'll sit still), talking to you about the new things you're exploring and learning about in the world and laughing at the many hilarious things you do and 'try' to say. Your first word was da-da. Your daddy told me that. Your second word was mama. I actually got to hear you say it for the first time. We live in St. Louis....Gateway to the West! On nice days we find any reason to get outside. You are mesmerized with all things outdoors. You started crawling at 4 1/2 months and walking at 8 1/2 months and you haven't stopped since. You are adventurous and fearless and I love it and it also scares me like nothing else. I want nothing more than to protect you my dear son but I realize that ultimately it is God who protects you and provides for you and he knows you from beginning to end. It is our deepest hope that someday you will KNOW and BELIEVE this too and that He will be your ROCK in times of both joy and trial.
Cannan, I hope you will always know just how much you are LOVED and WANTED. You have enriched our lives in the most beautiful way. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christmas Part Deux

...I know I know. It is the end of February and I have no excuse for doing a Christmas Blog NOW. But, I am.

Enjoy :-)

Since all of the Flummer's were in San Antonio for Christmas we decided to go. We wrapped up the last day of the Coca Cola Holiday Happiness campaign on the 26th around 8pm. Matt & I came up with a master plan to drive all night in hopes that it would shorten the car ride and help Cannan sleep better. Double fisted coffees in hand we loaded up the Element, ice and snow behind us, warm sunshine and 70degrees on the horizon, destination...Southwest! Since I am the nocturnal one I agreed to take the second, late night/morning leg. I slept and Matt drove the first leg. A superb and wonderfully executed plan it was...until 6am. After sleeping two hours unsoundly I found myself carrying on multiple conversations in my head to keep myself awake. Did you know that southern Arkansas and northern Texas don't seem to be aware of the fact that 1) many americans drink coffee and 2) like it strong. Praying for a Starbucks or a Pilot or a Gas Station that wasn't called "Cum N Go" we continued on until we found an IHOP somewhere just north of Austin. Lovely!!! Cannan was well rested and we were a little delirious but hey, that's what road trips are about right!?!?

With our minds a bit scrambled and our eyes a tad hazy we made it just in time for an awesome Tex Mex lunch with the whole family!

The next morning it was Christmas all over again!

Cannan with his cousins: Bethany, Zachary & Jackson

Cannan loved playing with all of his cousins and he really took to his cousin Bethany who was always right there to help him when it was time to eat...

We had a great time and although we might think twice next time we decide to drive 14 hours straight in the middle of the night with a 9 month old, it was worth it and a lot of fun...especially when Matt got a lap dance by Marilyn Monroe when the family took us out for dinner on his birthday. Ask him about it sometime...