Monday, January 3, 2011

Inevitable Changes + 11 New Resolves

I'm thinking of changing the name of my/our's SOOO LAST YEAR!!! Don't you think? Sometimes you just have to step away from the tree to see the forest (my favorite saying) and since I am part of a small flock I actually live IN the tree so it's hard to see the big picture...So, help me out...send me your thoughts...suggestions...I promise I won't be critical, you should have heard some of the ones Matt and I came up with. I'll spare times!

Okay, so moving on to the WHOPPING year of TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN!!! Seriously??? I really believed we'd be living the life of the Jetson's by now. I also thought that same thing in 2000, 2001, 2002, etc...I accidentally added an extra 0 in that last one and saw 20002...WHOA! Can you imagine THAT?!?!
Well anyway I knew it was time to put together a few goals for this year since I am super task oriented and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to go back and see how I've made progress...well here they are 11 RESOLVES for 2011….

1) Consistently EXERCISE…yoga, running, calisthenics. Maybe even tennis? I love tennis but it’s always hard to find someone to match my skill level…which is someone who can only hit the ball half the time.

2) To CHEER Matt on in his first Tri-Athlon. Hey, this is a goal for me as much for him. This means we need to eat better/differently AND I want to be SO ENCOURAGING so he can accomplish this. He has really wanted to do one for a long time and I know he will LOVE it. Ok, so for me...I'll run a 5K. How's that?

3) READ one book per month. I know this little goal may sound quite trifling but if you knew my reading habits over the past 9 months you’d realize this is actually a pretty lofty goal so I want to keep things realistic here...hey give me a first thought was to read one book per WEEK!!! HA! That’s already out the window.

4) Regular FAMILY DINNER’s. A HUGE desire for both Matt and me. We've always believed that core family time is shared through communing around the dinner table. Real, sit down, nowhere else to go, talk about stuff, reconnecting time. I want to start this early in our little family so that it becomes a habit and something we all look forward to. It may not happen every night but at least 4-5 nights a week.

5) COMPLETE my WEDDING ALBUM. Yeah...I’m serious and yes, this year we will have been married 7 years. Stop judging me.

6) To be a BETTER LISTENER and ask twice as many questions as I answer.

7) To BLOOM WHERE I am PLANTED. Soon we will most likely be uprooting to a new city and a new home and I am getting tired of making new friends and trying to invest in relationships that I have no idea will last or fade away. I don’t want to arrive in that place tired and reserved. My goal is to give it all I’ve got...HA! that sounded SO cliché...but seriously, please pray for this. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if my father was in the military simply because I’ve lived in 9 states and counting. My parent’s are hippies and my husband LOVES school. ENOUGH!!! Praise God for a cool enough job that accommodates our life in boxes!

8) To LEARN how TO USE my new previously loved CAMERA. I want artwork for my walls...which leads me to my next resolve...

9) To make, create, photograph, design artwork for the walls...I’ve got some things in mind ya’ll ;-)

10) To stop being so analytical and realize that sometimes it just is what it is.

11) To LOVE MY HUSBAND better. I could write a book about the ways he loves me SO WELL. I love our life together and I’m determined to strive for SPIRITUAL DEPTH, LOVE and FRIENDSHIP in our marriage. Hard with a child. SOOOO worth it.

There are a few more I have in mind but I'll save those for a conversation over coffee where I can hear about YOURS too :-)


Oh, and just for fun...We had a White Christmas Eve. More pics to come on that topic.