Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christmas Part Deux

...I know I know. It is the end of February and I have no excuse for doing a Christmas Blog NOW. But, I am.

Enjoy :-)

Since all of the Flummer's were in San Antonio for Christmas we decided to go. We wrapped up the last day of the Coca Cola Holiday Happiness campaign on the 26th around 8pm. Matt & I came up with a master plan to drive all night in hopes that it would shorten the car ride and help Cannan sleep better. Double fisted coffees in hand we loaded up the Element, ice and snow behind us, warm sunshine and 70degrees on the horizon, destination...Southwest! Since I am the nocturnal one I agreed to take the second, late night/morning leg. I slept and Matt drove the first leg. A superb and wonderfully executed plan it was...until 6am. After sleeping two hours unsoundly I found myself carrying on multiple conversations in my head to keep myself awake. Did you know that southern Arkansas and northern Texas don't seem to be aware of the fact that 1) many americans drink coffee and 2) like it strong. Praying for a Starbucks or a Pilot or a Gas Station that wasn't called "Cum N Go" we continued on until we found an IHOP somewhere just north of Austin. Lovely!!! Cannan was well rested and we were a little delirious but hey, that's what road trips are about right!?!?

With our minds a bit scrambled and our eyes a tad hazy we made it just in time for an awesome Tex Mex lunch with the whole family!

The next morning it was Christmas all over again!

Cannan with his cousins: Bethany, Zachary & Jackson

Cannan loved playing with all of his cousins and he really took to his cousin Bethany who was always right there to help him when it was time to eat...

We had a great time and although we might think twice next time we decide to drive 14 hours straight in the middle of the night with a 9 month old, it was worth it and a lot of fun...especially when Matt got a lap dance by Marilyn Monroe when the family took us out for dinner on his birthday. Ask him about it sometime...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Christmas I

Since I was working on the Coca Cola project it meant that we needed to stay in St. Louis until the day after Christmas. It was pretty quiet around our house, which is actually how I prefer it. Cannan was 9 months and he was perfectly content with boxes & paper, but we got him a couple of books and a new pair of shoes since his feet seemed to be hitting the ground a lot more often. He is officially a walker...It was a Merry Christmas, with a beautiful fresh blanket of snow that we just HAD to get out and play in!

Spreading Happiness

In December I got hired by Coca Cola to run a short sampling program over the Holiday Season. It was part of the 'Spread Happiness' campaign, you probably saw some commercials, it was a really fun project where I got to hand pick a team of "Happy People" to help me sample miniature cans of Coca Cola to mall shoppers at select shopping malls around St. Louis...not a bad gig. The best part, I got to work with some of the greatest people!!!

Spreading Happiness!

I love these guys, SUCH troopers, it was SOOOOOO Cold!!!