Saturday, May 21, 2011

Impromptu road trip!

Backing up a week...just before Cannan's little birthday shindig we headed south for a few days to say hello to the fam and wish Cannan's best friend Cash a Happy Birthday. We visited Mawmaw, aunt Karen, uncle Brooks & cousin Ashley in Mobile (kicking myself for not taking pictures. Could've been the 15 hour car ride that fried my brain???) then headed down to New Orleans to spend some QT with the Mitchell family. We absolutely LOVE this family and I could write a book telling you the millions of reasons why. Since Jaime has already put pen to paper I'll hold off. when she's published I'll blog about it and you can find out for yourself why this girl is so lovable.
One of Jaime's [many] talents is photography which you can find here and so we managed to steal some time away to do an impromptu photoshoot during a picnic in the park. This was by far the funniest photo session EVER!!! I wish I had video. Memories were made.

There are no coincidences.

These boys are my reminder.


  1. Look at that little stud! Please tell him Aunt Kristen said hey and pinch those cute cheeks for me! Love you guys!

  2. oh my bring tears to my eyes :-) You are the best kinda friend a girl could ever ever eeeeever ask for; i praise God for you at least once a day but usually more.. They just don't make em like you everyday :-)

    Love what you said re: the last pic. So true, So true.