Saturday, May 21, 2011

March was the best kind of Madness

It's been a fun ride these past few months. We've been making fun little family memories, staying caught up and swinging from our coat strings trying to keep our feet grounded in St. Louis as our home prepares to depart on a four year journey into the Southeastern most state. I was just a tad disappointed that I won't be adding another lived in state to my list of 11 but I'm chocking it up to life purpose, providence and complete clarity of direction as the main reason for that.

On another note... I haven't caught you up on any postings since Cannan turned are a few tidbits from Cannan's 1st Birthday! Can you believe our baby boy is becoming a little man so fast!?

Cannan's very own Berry Chantilly Cake (Mini Version) Thanks to Josh Jones' for the picture.

Almost ready to eat cake!

Cannan's Party People

Allie helping Cannan open presents

Crazy stumbling baby after the Cake Smashing and Gifts

Hair style by mom. Hair product made of 100% cake and cream cheese icing.


  1. I totally missed all these blog posts! I'm not quite sure how! I love all the pics from the birthday party! I cannot even believe we couldn't be there but there will be many more..... You did a great job, mom! Especially with that hairstyle in the last picture! :-)

  2. soooo bummed out we didn't get to be there :( AND I still have a bunch of stuff for you guys, I just don't know where it is. hmmm. I will have to get to searching...