Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our little flock of...five??

Yes, you read it right, that says F-I-V-E five!! On September 4th, which also happened to be our 7th anniversary, I took a test, a very simple test. It was confirmed.. + 2!!

Of course the test did not tell us there were two, thanks to early ultrasounds we found that I have, not one, but two peas in the pod.

Not exactly the plan for the first semester of grad school in a brand new city but, hey, we're used to curve balls, Er, sort of. Okay, truth be told, maybe this is the biggest curve ball we've ever been thrown. I was happy and at the same time I felt all of the blood leave my face as the ultrasound tech tilted the screen my way telling me that she was seeing "not one but TWO".

Our bambinos are due in late April. I have a doctor's appointment this Friday morning with a specialist who will look at the babies more closely. They will be able to determine the level of risk as far as how much they will be sharing (amniotic sacs, placenta etc.) while in utero.

We are excited and scared but we are trusting in our God "who gives life to all things". 1 Timothy 6:13


  1. Celeste- tears fill my eyes as I read this. We are incredibly elated for your family. At the same time, we understand the kinds of concerns/fears you might be feeling. We are so amazed at the Lord bestowing blessings upon your family in this way- how beautiful! Know that we will pray along side you on this journey. We love you guys! Let us know if you ever need anything :)

  2. oh, how giddy, reading this.

    am currently saving pennies in the grad school jar (and yes, they are pennies - and you are familiar with this jar, yes?) for a spring break trip to Florida, so that i can be spit up on by the newest Flummers to the flock.

    we miss you guys ... will be praying for the appointment on Friday. and that God will strengthen your spinal cord, because i'm not sure how your tiny self is going to walk upright with two bambinos in the tummy...

  3. You know how pumped I am for you guys?! I still can't believe it though!!! 2 more Flummers in our world.. makes me smile sweet friend! Love you, miss you and praying for you!!!

  4. WOW!!! Congrats friend!!!! SOOOOOO exciting and i will be praying often for health and peace :O)

  5. oh wow wow wow! so so excited for y'all! congratulations!